"When you choose to join Keller Williams, you join forces with the most dynamic real estate company in the world."

Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise company with more than 100,000 real estate agents, operating in 700 offices across the globe.

Founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams with the mission to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living for its associates, Keller Williams Realty has been among the fastest growing real estate franchises in the industry since its founding.

In 1991, the company began franchising, and since that time has expanded across the U.S. exponentially, as well as in Canada, Indonesia, Southern Africa, Vietnam and Dubai.

In 2011, during the most challenging real estate market in history, Keller Williams surpassed Century 21 to become the 2nd largest real estate franchise in the U.S. In 2012, the company ranked as the No. 1 real estate franchise on the 33rd Annual Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur magazine.

More so than ever before, real estate professionals are turning to Keller Williams Realty for the education, coaching, technology, culture and wealth building opportunities that are redefining their potential and powering their careers toward new heights.

Start your Career with Keller Williams Capital Realty

Whether you are a newly licensed, emerging or seasoned real estate agent, we're always looking for quality, dedicated professionals to join our team. Are you curious, learning based, friendly and are interested in a career, not just a commission check. Your standards are high and so is your desire to succeed. We offer the most innovative training, tools and resources in the industry; will you take advantage of them? Generous splits with an annual cap that allows for 100% commission.

A Letter from Gary Keller


Our Mission (our primary aim)                                                        

To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.

Our Vision (the big picture)

To be the real estate company of choice.

Our Six Cornerstones (the foundation of our company)

  1. Focus on business excellence and profitability
  2. Focus on training, personal growth, leadership development
  3. Focus on high standards in everything we do
  4. Focus on healthy life balance
  5. Focus on an open, trusting, consultative, sharing partnership relationship
  6. Focus on attracting high level, respected salespeople and staff employees

Our Guiding Principles (daily practices that make our mission & vision a reality)     

  1. We are dedicated to levels of client service that we would demand for our loved ones!   
  2. We are independent contractors & employees working together as a world class team!
  3. We live and work with unwavering honesty and integrity!
  4. We are dedicated to profitability for everyone in our company!
  5. We provide meaningful education in an “expect to succeed” environment!
  6. We inject good humour and fun into our work everyday!
  7. We are open and consultative in our business - ie: open P & Ls!
  8. We believe every person in our company is a stakeholder – every person matters!
  9. We are dedicated to operating as a responsible ‘green’ business!
  10. We are committed to blending the best of technology with the best of human talent!
  11. We are role models for business people and for the citizens of our community!
  12. We are respectful of our competitor brokerages and salespeople!
  13. We are committed to balanced lives: family, business, personal, financial, community!
  14. We are dedicated to high standards in everything that we do:
    Client service
    Market knowledge,
    Personal growth
    Team building
    Community service
    Personal income and
    Commission rates!
  15. We drive growth: personal growth, business growth, wealth growth, industry knowledge growth, standards growth, leadership growth!